On the Farm

Hey! Today the sun is shining and I’m so ready for spring. I’m so over winter. I’m sure everyone is with me. I’m ready to throw open the curtains, pop all the windows up, let the fresh smelling air fill my house. I’m ready to put away all the snow gear, put all the snow boots away and line up the rain boots in my mud room. I’m ready to cook with lighter ingredients, wear

Hey! With all this snow and cold that we in the Midwest have been dealing with. I’m ready for spring. Who else is with me? I can’t wait for the grass to start turning green, the trees to start getting that green tinged of new leaves. Birds returning to nest, baby animals. You know all the wonderful signs that the earth is waking up from a long winter sleep. So with (hopefully) spring around the

in living color

Hey! Do you remember meeting a new friend and a question that they would alwasy ask “ What is your favorite colour?” Why do we always ask that question? Even to this day, we still ask about ones favorite colour. I wonder why? Is it because colour plays such a huge part in our lives? Is it because you can learn a lot about a person on what colour they choose? I don’t know the

New Blog!

Hey! I never really know how to start these. What would be the best opening line? I’ve gone through so many as I look in the mirror and I guess “ Hey” is the best that I came up with. I thought I should introduce myself to our new followers. My name is Sandy Gallup, my husband and I own Fish Creek Homes. We are a growing Home Builder and Design consultant business. A quick


Wife, Mother, Designer, Fashionista, Cook & Farmer

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